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IPACO software

The IPACO software, derived from a long experience in the field of military intelligence, aims to provide the analyst in ufology with a user-friendly and easy-to-use working environment, thanks to which he may concentrate on the very object of his analysis, with permanent access to a toolkit that fits most investigation scenarios. The analysis work is conducted in a highly interactive environment, but it remains always possible to save and edit results, in the form of text reports and images, processed and completed by graphics. However, certain particular cases may still require the use of other software tools, which are highly specialized in one or other specific domain.

The development of the IPACO software, since its initial design in 2008, receives a financial support from CNES (French space agency), in the frame of GEIPAN’s activity.

The ongoing evolution of the IPACO software aims at satisfying both maintenance requirements (correction of residual errors, improvement of existing functions), and wishes expressed by users for adding new tools. This evolution concerns the two complementary axes of the software: authentication and analysis of photo/video documents.

IPACO is presently operational in 3 languages (French, American English and Spanish), but extension to other languages and to other alphabets has been anticipated in the software architecture, which will possibly be made concrete through particular cooperations to be set up.

Two of the three external databases (UFOCAT and IFOCAT), as well as handling of data models, referred to in the IPACO Users’ guide, are not implemented yet. Their respective detailed specifications will depend on feedback from the IPACO software’s use.

The third external database CamCAT, as well as the specific functions of IPACO that use it, are integrated into this software.

IPACO’s origin

Users’ guide

Download and open the zip folder, then copy the chm file on the desktop and open it after having unchecked the box ’’Always ask before…’’ (security message)

General demonstration


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